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Stop chasing pilots and paperwork to stay compliant

We help regional air operators completely transform the way they manage and grow their businesses.

Talk to us and see how Air Trail can help you take your operation to the next level.


Here are just a few ways we'll help you super-charge your operation


Flight & Maintenance Logging

Capture all the details of your flights and maintenance, including actual times, recency information, trends, defect details, crew & AME sign-offs, and more.

See the result in the format of your company's existing journey log documents.

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Crew Duty Tracking

Duty rules can be complex.

Air Trail makes them easy. 

Allow your crew members to simply log their duty time, and Air Trail will take care of the rest, including proactive duty limit alerts.

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Weight & Balance

Ditch the spreadsheets. Ensure that every flight is compliant from step one.

Know that your crews are operating within the aircraft's center of gravity limits for every flight - before Engines On.

Finance & Billing

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You can't fly if you don't get paid.

Air Trail tracks company customer billing data, and generates air bills that include hours flown, fuel fills, billing distances, and more.

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Next Items Due Tracking

Never exceed a compliance item again with automated tracking for next items due.

By eliminating manual transcription, your Quality Control team will never again need to check quickly-scribbled crew member math.

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And so much more.

Get in touch to learn everything Air Trail can do for you.

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