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Junior/Intermediate Full-Stack Developer

Who we are

Air Trail is changing the aviation industry so that no one has to fill out paperwork to go flying ever again. We’re an Edmonton-based, early-stage startup that’s proving product-market fit and growing fast. Our team is lean, dedicated, values-driven, and scrappy. We get to see the direct impact of our work every week and celebrate it together!

What we do

Air Trail makes software for regional airlines—our customers fly air ambulance, aerial firefighting, charter flights, pipeline inspection and more. It’s an industry that still largely uses manual processes and paper, but we don’t think it has to be. Our native iPadOS Electronic Logging app is the only digital solution in Canada approved to completely replace paper in the cockpit. Our second product, a web-based Crew Scheduling dashboard, enables dispatchers to build complex pilot schedules that comply with Transport Canada’s duty and rest regulations. We are constantly iterating and building new features for these products, and have no shortage of new product opportunities in our roadmap. 

What you’ll do

We’re looking for a talented and enthusiastic Junior or Intermediate Software Developer to join this mission. This person will be a core member of our small team, and work directly with all aspects of our business to ensure our product is airtight, innovative, and creating the best possible customer experiences. You’ll be involved in everything from the concept and scoping, to design and mockup, backend development, frontend implementation, testing and post-deployment support. We currently have dedicated backend, frontend, and iPadOS folks to work alongside you. 

What your week might look like:
  • Brainstorm the design of a new feature with the CEO

  • Sketch out a product improvement with the COO based on feedback from a customer call

  • Code review PRs from fellow developers

  • See if you can optimize the generation of a historical aircraft records report even more than it already is

  • Help the Customer Support team investigate and understand the hairier support issues

And then your next week may look different—we are a startup after all! 

In addition to the points above, these responsibilities will also fall into your role:

  • Write code that is sustainable and scaleable 

  • Test your own work while considering downstream effects and edge cases

  • Document the design, discussion and decisions surrounding development 

Who you are
  • You are eager, curious, flexible

  • You are self-directed, detail-oriented, and accountable

  • You are coachable and have a strong desire to learn and improve

  • You relish opportunities to be creative and have autonomy, you don’t need a playbook to get things done

  • You value cooperation over competition

  • You love your craft

  • You have deep empathy for our customers

  • You have excellent communication skills
  • You are experienced—which doesn’t necessarily mean many “years of experience,” but can mean many “experiences per year” 

  • You can legally work in Canada

  • You know the aviation space

  • You are actively involved in your local development/engineering/startup/other community

Our tech stack
  • Backend: Go API, Google Cloud Services, PostgreSQL database, Kubernetes and Docker, Python microservices

  • Web frontend: ReactJS web app, Typescript

  • iOS frontend: Swift

How to ace an application at Air Trail
  • Read the job description thoroughly

  • Talk to your friends and find out as much as you can about Air Trail

  • Tailor your resume, and write your cover letter like you mean it!

  • Let your personality shine through in the application questions

  • Be honest—we may discover that you bring things that we missed in this job ad!


Status: open

Capacity: full-time

Location: Edmonton, Alberta


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